HowTo: Create and Delete a SharePoint list


This post is for SharePoint beginners. One of the core elements of SharePoint is the list. A list in SharePoint is like a table in a database or a sheet in Excel. So basically any data you want to store in SharePoint you store in lists. Lists can be created using a template which give you predefined columns and list settings or you can design a list by creating a custom list.

Steps to create a list:

  1. Navigate to the site on which you want to create the new list (you must be in the right role to do this e.g. “site owner”).
  2. Click “Site Actions” in the upper left corner.
  3. Choose “More options”
  4. The “Create” screen appears.
    Create Screen SharePoint 2010

    HowTo Create a List

  5. In the “Filter By” menu select “list”.
  6. Choose the template that fits your needs.
  7. On the right hand side of the screen, type a name that describes the list and click “create”.
Alternative route:
Replace step 2 in the above instructions by clicking “Lists” in the Quickstart menu on the left of your site. You’ll get an overview of all the existing lists. In the upper left corner of this screen there is a “create button” this will also open the Create menu.
Congrats, you’ve just created a list. The list can now be found in the Quickstart menu on the left of your site.
Ok, so we’ve created a list, the next step is to delete a list. Deleting a list might not be something you will be doing on a daily basis but when you are learning SharePoint it can be a handy little thing to know as you’ll probably be adding several lists for testing purposes.

Steps to delete a list:

  1. Navigate to the site on which hosts the list which you want to delete (you must be in the right role to do this e.g. “site owner”).
  2. In the Quickstart menu (on the left of your site) click on the listname of the list you want to delete.
  3. By clicking the list in step two the Ribbon contect menu called “List Tools” wille be displayed (make sure the “List” option is selected, in the dark blue bar in the top of your window)
    Ribbon List Tools context menu


  4. In the Ribbon choose “List Settings” this opens the list settings menu.
  5. The list settings menu shows a lot of properties and options, choose “delete this list” in the “permissions and management” category (located somewhere in the center of your screen).
    List Settings Deleting a list

    List Settings Deleting a list

  6. Confirm that you want to “move the list to the recycle bin” which, of course, sends the list to the recycle bin.
The recycle bin is very much like the recycle bin in Windows, it holds all your deleted items, it is located in the Quickstart menu, clicking on it gives you the option so recover deleted items or permanently delete them.

SharePoint versions 

  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation
  • SharePoint 2010 Standard Edition
  • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition
  • SharePoint 2010 Online (Office 365 Edition)

Permission level

  • Design
  • Full Control
This concludes this HowTo. for now Happy SharePointing, live long and prosper.